Features of aluminum checker plate sheet

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Guide :Aluminum checker plate has good electrical and thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, and anodized coloring can improve anti-corrosion performance

According to the shape of the check aluminum plate, it can be divided into: 5 bar aluminum check plate, diamond aluminum check plate, 2 bars aluminum sheet, etc

 aluminum checker plate sheet

According to the alloy and application of the pattern plate, it can be divided into pure aluminum pattern plate, 3-Series corrosion-resistant pattern plate and 5-series super corrosion-resistant pattern plate.

  • 1、 Pure aluminum checkered plate: such as 1100 aluminum check plate, suitable for ordinary environment, the aluminum checker plate price is cheap. Aluminum plates with this pattern are commonly used in refrigerated warehouses, floors and outer packaging.
  • 2、3-series corrosion-resistant pattern plate: such as 3003 aluminum check plate, with strength slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy pattern plate, has certain anti-corrosion performance. However, since the hardness and corrosion resistance cannot reach 5000 series pattern plate, the product requires strict anti-corrosion, such as:.
  • 3、5 series super corrosion resistant pattern plate: such as 5052 5083 aluminum check plate, with good milk corrosion, hardness and rust resistance. It is commonly used in special places such as ships, lamps and humid environment. The aluminum plate has high hardness and certain bearing capacity.

General features of aluminum check sheet:

  • (1) The density of low density pure aluminum is close to 2700kg / m3, about 35% of the density of iron
  • (2) The strength of pure aluminum is not high, but it can be increased more than 2 times by cold working. In addition, alloying by adding magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon and other elements can be further strengthened after heat treatment, and its specific strength can match the alloy steel.
  • (3) Easy to process aluminum can be cast by any casting method. Aluminum has good plasticity, can be stretched into thin plates and foils of pipes and filaments, and can process automobiles, milling machines, boring holes, boring holes, etc. at a high speed of many machine tools that are extruded into various folk profiles.
  • (4) The corrosion-resistant aluminum and its alloy surfaces are easy to produce a solid sealing aluminum oxide protective film.
  • (5) No low-temperature brittle aluminum below zero degrees Celsius, not only the strength and plasticity will not decrease with the temperature, but also will increase.
  • (6) Good conductivity and thermal conductivity, second only to silver, copper and gold.
  • (7) The white light reflectance of the aluminum grinding surface with strong reflectivity is more than 80%. The higher the purity, the higher the reflectance. At the same time, aluminum has good reflection performance for infrared, ultraviolet and electromagnetic waves.
  • (8) It has sound absorption property and is conducive to indoor decoration. It can also be used to prepare damping alloys.
  • (9) Compared with high-energy neutrons, radioactive resistant aluminum has the same neutron absorption cross section as other metals, and the absorption cross section is smaller than the low-energy region. The advantage of the high radiation resistance of aluminum is that the induced radiation energy produced by radiation decays quickly.
  • (10) The surface of aluminum and its alloy is silvery white due to its strong reflection ability. After machining, higher roughness and brightness can be achieved. After anodizing and coloring, not only the anti-corrosion performance can be improved, but also the products with bright colors can be obtained. Aluminum is also an excellent substrate for birthday coatings.

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