Selection of diamond tread aluminum sheet

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Guide :Selection of diamond tread aluminum sheet Commonly used at home and abroad....

Selection of Diamond Tread Aluminum Sheet
Commonly used at home and abroad, diamond tread aluminum sheet including five bar series (willow pattern) and pointer series, especially the five reinforcement pattern aluminum plate is widely used in the work platform, cars, round bilge, cold storage, workshop non-slip. 

At present, the choice of the diamond tread aluminum sheet is usually: cold storage, carriage, the skid plate of the bottom of the cabin is usually 1060-H24 3.0mm thickness. The aluminum plate of the series is not suspended and not bearing weight.Therefore, it is not necessary to choose high - thickness, high-hardness anti-skid aluminum. 
Need for special places (such as impending, or in the high degree of corrosion, or easy to rust corrosion) suggest choose 5052 or 6061 rust diamond tread aluminum sheet, the series of anti-skid antirust aluminum plate, excellent corrosion resistance. 
For the impending, need the place that the staff, suggest choose alloy series, at the same time the thickness of not less than 6.0 mm, this series and the thickness of the diamond tread aluminum sheet can maximum limit to ensure the safety of the staff, at the same time guarantee the life of the diamond tread aluminum sheet.

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