performance of 5052,6061 aluminium chequer plate

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Guide :Comparison of the performance of 5052,6061 aluminium chequer plate 5052 5052....

Comparison of the performance of 5052,6061 aluminium chequer plate

5052 5052, decorative aluminium chequer plate 】 【 Aluminium chequer plate is a representative of the anti-slip aluminum products, the advantages of this series of products: high hardness, the series belong to the aluminum alloy series, have high tensile strength, hardness in the similar products have obvious advantages (similar aluminium magnesium alloy products include 5754 aluminium chequer plate).Strong corrosion resistance, rust prevention effect is good, this series of products of magnesium is added in the machining process, the content can reach more than 2.5%, with good corrosion resistance and rust resistance, can be a very good adapt to high strength, high corrosion resistance, for ships, vehicles, working platform has good application effect, compared with 1060, aluminium chequer plate has a great advantage.


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