Application of Aluminium diamond tread plate on stair steps

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Guide :The application of Aluminium diamond tread plate on stair steps The stair as transportation..........

The application of Aluminium diamond tread plate on stair steps
The stair as transportation facilities of vertical transportation and emergency evacuation, large flow of people, slope steep, easy to be dangerous in use, so, it's necessary to adopt slideproof measures on the stairs. It's a good choose to use Aluminium diamond tread plate to produce stairs.

Signi Aluminium can manufacturer diamond tread Aluminium plate, also called non-slip aluminum plate, is the aluminum products through pressing process to form various patterns on the surface, have good non-slide effect , the typical usage is to produce slideproof bottom aluminum plate and non-slide step stair or used in packaging, architecture, curtain wall etc.  On the train stairs, we often see the exist of non-slide aluminum plate.
The 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 6 series Aluminium alloy products in Signi Aluminium all can be made into diamond tread Aluminium plate. Common are 1060 diamond tread Aluminum plate, 3003 diamond tread aluminium plate, 5052 diamond tread aluminium plate and 6061 diamond tread Aluminium plate etc, many kinds, can meet the need of different customers.  Each series of Aluminium diamond plate in Signi Aluminium all have well anti-corrosion performance, better brazing performance, as well as strong strength, good formability, easy processing.  Corporation also has a fast on-line quenching line, not only guarantee the quality of products, but also improve the processing performance of diamond tread aluminum plate.  Use the aluminum diamond plate which was manufacturer by signi aluminium to produce stair steps not only non-slide, but also have non-corrision and rust-proof performance.  

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