Introduction of diamond aluminum plate sheet

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Guide :Introduction of Diamond Aluminum Plate Sheet diamond aluminum sheet...

Introduction of Diamond Aluminum Plate Sheet
Diamond aluminum sheet are widely used in the field of architectural decoration, such as in indoor decoration, diamond aluminum sheet can be used as a non-slip, metope adornment board, ceiling board, etc., and different USES, diamond plate specification is different also.Here is the specification of the diamond aluminum plate.

Aluminum plate is a kind of aluminum, usually we have the thickness of 0.2-500mm, the width is greater than 200mm, the length less than 16m aluminum is aluminum.According to the thickness of aluminum plate, it can be divided into thin aluminum plate, medium aluminum plate, thick aluminum plate and diamond aluminum plate.The diamond aluminum plate refers to the surface of the aluminum plate.Aluminium sheet thickness in 0.5-0.5 mm, the conventional aluminum plate thickness in 2.0-2.0 mm, in 6.0-25 mm, the thickness of aluminum plate thickness in 25-200 - mm thick aluminum plate, there are many types of diamond of the specifications of the aluminum plate, specific USES different specifications are different, for example, non-slip diamond plate thickness is typically between 1-10 mm, width is 1000-1500 - mm, length is 2000-3000 - mm.

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