The aluminium chequer plate sheet is used for ship deck

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Guide :The aluminium chequer plate sheet is used for the deck of the ship The deck....

The aluminium chequer plate sheet is used for the deck of the ship
The deck is an important component of the hull, which is a plane structure in the structure of the ship, which is located in the inner bottom plate, which is used to seal the space inside the ship and separate it into a layer.The deck is a steel plate on a ship's beam that separates the hull from the upper, middle and lower.

Ship deck parts easy to catchment, condensation, and direct contact with the atmosphere, weather deck parts by the wind and rain erosion, sunlight and dry-wet alternate function of the water, so the first requirements of ship deck coating with excellent adhesion, water resistance, weather resistance and anticorrosive property.In addition, due to human activity and machinery operation, the deck is often stamp on friction and wear of roller compaction and vulnerable to pollution of various oil, acid, alkaline medium to often wash, etc., and therefore requested ship deck material has good skid resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
Therefore, the ship deck is selected for 6061 aluminium chequer plate sheet with aluminum, 6061 decorative pattern aluminum board with excellent corrosion resistance, weatherability, anti-skid and easy to process, which is an indispensable material for making the deck of the ship.5083 aluminum plates and 5086 aluminum plates are also important alloys for making ships. Signi Aluminium ship board has been certified by China classification society and Norwegian classification society. Please contact us for consultation.

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