How to identify Aluminium chequer plate sheets?

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Guide :How to identify the quality of the Aluminium chequer plate sheets? One is to.......

How to identify the quality of the Aluminium chequer plate sheets?
One is to see the colour and lustre of the Aluminium chequer plate sheet.Although the external color is visible to the naked eye, the color of the product is closely related to the production process and quality control.If the color of the product is bright and the gloss is high, then generally the product is superior to the color difference.

Secondly, choose a chequer of uniform thickness of aluminum plate, because a few small manufacturers because of the limited technology and technology, the thickness of product is difficult to ensure uniform neat, therefore, are important factors of the quality of the test chequer plate thickness;
Finally, it is the casting process of Aluminium chequer plate sheet.Generally speaking, the professional decorative Aluminium chequer plate sheet manufacturer will adopt the integrated molding process, while packaging product superior performance, improve the yield rate, reduce the production cost.
In combination, as long as the purchase of decorative Aluminium chequer plate sheet, pay attention to the above three points, then basically can guarantee the purchase of quality reliable products.

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