Pattern aluminium plate integral style and colour collocation

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Guide :Pattern aluminium plate integral style and colour collocation is better...

Pattern aluminium plate integral style and colour collocation is better
As a kind of building materials in the structure of curtain wall, the decorative ceiling aluminum pattern plate has excellent performance and installation.However, with the rapid development of building materials market as well as the innovation of new pattern aluminum plate, the decorative pattern of the new process of smallpox aluminous pattern plate is more efficient, more stable performance, appearance and convenient installation and other advantages.The curtain wall can better protect the overall structure of the building and make our home beautiful.

Light weight, flexibility and strength ratio.In this respect, the traditional curtain wall can not achieve a certain balance, but it is the plate of decorative pattern aluminum can be able to cover it all.
There is corruption turbidity resistance and moisture resistance, for use outside the building body building materials, have to air pollution and ultraviolet resistance, after wind and rain baptism of the turbidity corruption is one of the most important, and the pattern of smallpox of aluminous pattern plate at this point, can ensure more than 10 years no discoloration and the advantages of the pulverization burst.
The color rich also has the self-cleaning sex, is also its characteristic, because the special molecule in fluorocarbon coating makes the surface not easy to attach the dust, make sure the surface is bright and dazzling.
It can be formed and processed according to the structure of the project, and the installation is convenient and quick. Even if it is installed on site, it is well used by the construction workers.This is also a lot of traditional plank cannot do.More importantly, its environmental materials can be recycled and reused.
These advantages of the decorative ceiling aluminum plate are the main reasons for the core position of the panel.

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