The performance of 3003 aluminium checkered plate

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Guide :The performance characteristics and application fields of 3003 aluminium checkered.....

The performance characteristics and application fields of 3003 aluminium checkered plate
Aluminium checkered plate is a new kind of material, which is widely used.The 3003 alloy is the most common, with one of the most used alloys, and the Aluminium checkered plate is mainly in 3003 aluminum.

The rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer used by the Aluminium checkered plate (3003 aluminum plate) has a low thermal conductivity, which can store heat well in order to achieve the effect of insulation.Paint on the surface of the aluminum plate is fluorocarbon polymer resin, the resin can make the surface of the aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, and erosion is also has good resistance to ultraviolet ray, can do not fade for a long time.And fluorocarbon polymer resin is good fire resistance, even after burning it will not burn.
The 3003 alloy element contains mild iron, producing a polishing effect.When decorating, use this kind of aluminium board, can make the house more beautiful.The material of this kind of aluminium plate is light, tenacity is good, the material that USES in each square metre is only equal to about 80% of the material that USES normally, the cost that saves about 15 %, still can bear all kinds of high pressure.
3003 Aluminium checkered plate application range is very wide, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, carriages, platform, packaging line, screen frame, all kinds of hanging beam, countertops, feet, decoration, handle, go trough and tube cover, chair and so on can all see it.

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