Classification of aluminum diamond chequer plates

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Classification of aluminum diamond chequer plates
Aluminum diamond chequer sheet is a kind of the high cost of modern materials, there are a lot of kinds, application is very extensive in the furniture, such as cars, platform, packaging line, screen frame, all kinds of hanging beam, countertops, feet, decoration, handle, go trough and the tube cover, chair and so on.

According to different classification of aluminum diamond chequer plate alloy
1. Ordinary aluminum alloy diamond chequer plate: the aluminum alloy diamond chequer plate made of 1060 aluminum plate is able to adapt to the normal environment and low price.Usually cold storage, flooring, the use of this kind of aluminum diamond chequer plate.
2, Aluminum diamond chequer metal sheet : in 3003 as the main raw material processing and become, this also known as antirust aluminum plate, aluminum plate strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum diamond chequer plate, which has some rust resistance, but the hardness and corrosion resistance of less than 5000 series of diamond chequer plate, so the product application in the antirust of request is not strict, such as freight trains, floor in refrigerator.
3. Aluminum magnesium alloy diamond chequer plates: processed by 5052 or 5083 series of aluminum plates, with good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance.Usually applied in special places, such as ship, carriage lamp, wet environment, such aluminum plate has a high hardness, and has certain bearing capacity.

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